Today, the DolgovGroup holding company is one of the Kaliningrad region’s largest operators engaged in plant growing. The company cultivates more than 100,000 hectares that is some 40% of the Kaliningrad region’s arable land. Almost all the region’s municipalities are involved, e.g. Krasnoznamensk, Chernyakhovsk, Nesterov, Gvardeysk, Zelenogradsk, Gusev, Gurievsk as well as Ozersk and Neman.

In 2018, the DolgovGroup agricultural holding company became one of the 55 largest owners of agricultural land in Russia.

In the agricultural holding company’s fields, such crops as rapeseed, wheat, barley, corn and vegetables are grown.

In 2012, two more companies joined the agricultural holding company, OOO Baltexport LLC and OOO ADT-agro LLC. OOO Baltexport LLC focuses on the purchase and sale of grain for export, the production and sale of rapeseed oil and oilcake as well as the import of МТЦ. It should be noted that today it is the only company in the Kaliningrad region that has an international certificate for rapeseed oil.

Animal industry

Today, the DolgovGroup holding company successfully develops such an upcoming sector as animal industry, and in two areas at the same time, dairy and meat.

There is one of the largest complexes in Europe in the village of Furmanovka, Nesterovsky district - the dairy factory "Nezhinskaya" which contains about 7,000 cows the most heavy milking breed in the world — Holstein. First animals of this breed were brought from Germany and Hungary in 2008 by the holding company. By the end of 2017, it is planned to increase the number of Holsteins for another 800. All head of livestock is contained in 6 cowsheds and 5 calf houses, as well as canopies for calves for 360 heads.

In addition, there are 2 milking shed (one is large - for 84 cows at a time), there is also a complex for fattening off bull-calves for 2000 heads and a warehouse for compound animal feed.

Meat breeds of cows of holding company are charollais, limousine and aberdeen-angus, were brought in 2012, and now successfully graze in 600 hectares of fields near the village of Voznesensky, Nesterovsky district.

The dairy of the Nezhinskaya agricultural holding company is the only agricultural enterprise in the Kaliningrad region that has the status of a pedigree reproducer for four out of five cattle breeds that are bred here. Those are dairy Holstein and black-and-white, as well as meat - limousines, Charolais and Aberdeen Angoussas. The company’s high performance in the development of pedigree and commercial livestock breeding was noted at the Russian agro-industrial exhibition Golden Autumn-2019 at VDNKh in Moscow. The holding company team was awarded the Gold Medal and the Diploma of the Russian Ministry of Agriculture.

The Kaliningrad Center for Livestock Breeding

The Kaliningrad Center for Livestock Breeding (KLB), the largest one at the region, was founded in 2008. It was established to serve the dairy industry and livestock breeding. Since 2012 one of the co-founders of the enterprise has become the owner of the holding company "DolgovGroup" Alexander Dolgov.

Over the years of its activity, the KLB has done a tremendous job of breeding and reproduction of animals of local agriculture. Over 8 years was sold more than 235,000 doses of animal semen, among them 185,000 doses in the Kaliningrad region. The semen of more than 200 bulls of the best breeds were brought to the region.

Today the breeding center is an organization that provides a wide range of services in the breeding business.

The enterprise has the licenses of the Ministry of Agriculture of the RF on the right to conduct such activities as: storage and sale of semen products, as well as the presence of two laboratories allows to investigate the quality of milk and the quality of breeding semen.

More than that, the KLB advises today all types of farms, including LFH, PFK and large enterprises, conducts analysis of economic activities, analysis of technological processes, breeding activities in farms. Since the beginning of the Center's activity, the laboratory has analyzed more than 585,000 samples of 5 indicators.

Every year the staff of the breeding center undergoes advanced training, conducts numerous seminars for regional specialists, produces free educational literature, and travels to major international agricultural exhibitions in Russia and Germany several times a year.

The Kaliningrad Center for Livestock Breeding

Gurievsk, Kaliningradskoe shosse, 21 a

8 (4012) 65-83-43


The structure of the agricultural holding company also includes a subdivision engaged in melioration works. Meliorator, LLC was established in Nesterov in 2011. The company specializes in earthworks, the construction of concrete and reinforced concrete monolithic structures, the installation of external water supply and sewerage networks, installation works, as well as the construction of highways and airfields.

Meliorator LLC has proven itself as a reliable partner in the field of agronomical melioration of the region with high productivity.

Thanks to the high-quality work of specialists, the company’s constantly updated industrial park, for 6 years of its existence, has repaired 421, 301 km channels, as well as has executed the work on cultural technology on 44,250 ha.

Melioration LLC

Nesterov, Moskovskaya Street, 10;
8-962- 269-29-77 (Maksim Nesterovich)


The DolgovGroup agricultural holding company has a vertically integrated structure with a continuous production chain. An important link in the chain is the storage areas for crops grown. Those are elevators as well as feed mills. Today, the entire elevator farm of the holding company includes three main elevators in Nesterov, Gusev and Guryevsk and two compound feed mills, as well as nine grain flow farms with their own warehouses and grain drying complexes, with a total capacity for simultaneous storage of 240,000 tons of grain. This allows you to keep grain from harvest to harvest and ensure that it is of high food quality, as well as provide elevator capacities to agricultural enterprises of the Kaliningrad region. Own enterprises for processing and storage of grain also make it possible to fully provide feed (granular and conventional) for all animals and poultry raised in the agricultural holding company.

Today, the company’s feed mills produce complete feed according to various recipes for all groups of productive and unproductive animals and poultry, and are also ready to produce feed according to the recipe proposed by the customer.


Kaliningrad region, Nesterov, ul. Zavokzalnaya, 4
Tel.: +7-963-294-23-46


Our company is interested in establishing strong and long-term relationships with contractors, such as buyers, suppliers, owners and tenants of commercial real estate.

Conditions for selecting contractors

Today at the compound feed factories of the company, they produce complete feed for various recipes for all groups of cattle.
Eight drying complexes and four seed lines work in the agricultural holding company.
2016 was marked by the construction of the first stage of the Petkus grain drying complex on the territory of Compound Feed Mill, LLC in Gusev. This production is equipped with the most advanced fully automated equipment. The noiseless operation of the new complex is a significant bonus considering that it is located near a residential area.