Вся продукция производится исключительно из натурального молока с собственной фермы, оснащенной по последнему слову техники.



the Dairy factory

All products are produced exclusively from natural milk from our own farm equipped with the last words of machinery.

Its breeding stock includes more than 4500 high-yield Holstein cows imported from Germany and Hungary.

A wide range of dairy products under the brand name of the dairy factory «Nezhinskaya» has been successfully produced since 2014 on the basis of «Gusevmoloko» LLC, which is a part of the Dolgovgroup holding company.

Today the company provides residents of the Kaliningrad region with a full range of the highest quality milk products, milk, kefir, cottage cheese, sour cream, yogurts, desserts and cheeses.

With modern dairy production lines the company produces useful and tasty yoghurts, loved by both children and adults. Each produced batch of dairy products undergoes the strictest quality control in our own laboratory.


Due to the availability of its own raw materials base, the factory never lacks milk. A large number of produced raw materials make it possible to provide the entire Kaliningrad region with only natural milk and dairy products without artificial and genetically modified additives, impurities or permeate. This is a guarantee that you will find high-quality product in a package of «Nezhinskaya» milk or in a pack of cottage cheese.

Today milk yield at the dairy factory is

Up to 60 liters of milk per day with one cow

for 305 days factory collects about

8 363 liters of milk

that allow us to provide each resident of our region with dairy products which taste and quality comply with all the highest standards.