Rapeseed Plant

The DolgovGroup holding company is also one of the largest producers of rapeseed oil and rape cake in Russia. The first and so far the only rapeseed factory in the Kaliningrad region was put into operation in February 2015 in Nesterov from scratch and taking into account the latest achievements of the modern science. All production processes are computerized, and the equipment of the German company Harburg-Freudenberger Maschinenbau GmbHHF (Press + LipidTech) is installed.

Today the factory produces two types of rapeseed cake, ungranulated and granulated. The plant uses the direct pressing method which is common in Europe. The process is carried out without chemical solvents. As a result, the rape cake remains, not the oilseed meal (dry dust) which greatly increases the value of the product and the residue of the crude oil is high in it.


As it is known, rapeseed oil contains oleic acid, which, in turn, increases the metabolic energy of the feed. This allows you to abandon the additional introduction of vegetable oils in the ration of cattle.

In addition, rape is a plant with a high protein content, which increases the fat content of milk, and low fibre content allows you to combine the additive with other foods.

Deep processing of rape implies the most complete extraction of oil from seeds only under the influence of high temperatures and mechanical compression, which makes the plant's products environmentally friendly and natural.


The bulk of the rapeseed oil (95%) produced by the Nesterov factory is exported to the EU countries, to biodiesel plants.
5% of rapeseed oil is sold on the domestic market, as well as for the needs of the agricultural holding company as an additive to the diet of feeding birds and pigs.
Rapeseed cake is a valuable fodder product which is an integral part of mixed fodders for poultry, pigs and cattle.
On the domestic market, for own needs, up to 10% is realized, and 60.00% is produced for export to the EU countries.


The enterprise also designed its own laboratory which services incoming raw materials, rapeseed oil cake, and produced oil evaluation. Each test batch has test reports that confirm the quality of the product and its compliance with Russian national standards and specifications as well as international quality certificate (ISCC).

An important fact is that the rape crop in the agricultural holding fields reaches up to 6 tons per hectare. And the production capacity of the enterprise allows processing 66 thousand tons of seeds per year. This is 25,000 tons rapeseed oil for non-food purposes, 33,000 tons of granulated cake, and 6.6 thousand tons of non-granulated cake