Гурьевская птицефабрика использует для продажи своей продукции новейшую современную упаковку, которая позволяет обеспечивать необходимую яйцу вентиляцию




The Guryevskaya poultry farm began its history in 1974 with a standard project for 100,000 laying hens with a cell content of 29 million eggs per year.

Today it is the largest automated poultry enterprise in the Kaliningrad region, which produces high-quality eggs under the brand «Kurochkino». Today the poultry farm meets 80% of the egg market demand in the region.

Such a rapid growth in productivity was facilitated by the Guryevskaya poultry farm incorporation to Dolgovgroup holding company in 2011.

In coming years the production lines were completely replaced, the new big dutchman Big Dutchman equipment has been bought (400 th / day capacity), the flock size has been increased up to 939000, the total area has grown up to 55 ha. Nowadays in Europe there are only 10 similar factories. In July, 2017 «Dolgovgroup» has opened new feed plant for the needs of the poultry farm. The plant is fully automated and is managed by only seven specialists. It is optimized for the production of 480 tons of feed per day and cover the need for quality feed for the entire group of enterprises of the holding company.


Production of hen eggs today reached 750 thousand per day.
The enterprise works with highly productive crossbreeds of poultry from world producers: «ISA Brown» (Czech Republic) and «Lohmann LSL-Classic» (Germany) with productivity index in 95% and safety indicators in 96%.
«Kurochkino» are eggs which enriched with natural carotenoids – provitamin A and selenium (element which improve the immune system).
Guryevskaya Poultry Farm uses the latest modern packaging to sell its products. It allows for the ventilation which is necessary for egg, protection from mechanical damage and penetration of dampness, preserving vitamins and minor nutrient element.
The enterprise operates international quality management system HACCP
90% Of the bird's diet is a grain which was grown on our fields with the use of organic additives (fertilizer). Corn grain, wheat, vitamins and mineral supplements.
Egg Graders Omnia XF 170 series provides sorting and packaging up to 60 000 eggs per hour.
The production completely excludes the use of hormonelike material and antibiotics in the process of growing birds.