About Us


Holding company«Dolgovgroup» is the largest agricultural enterprise of the Kaliningrad region with a completely self-contained closed-cycle structure - from the field to the counter. This allows for each stage to control and to manage all the quality and manufacturing parameters of products and maximize the impact of activities.

Company owners are two brothers: Alexander and Dmitriy Dolgov.


The Nezhinskaya Dairy is the largest livestock breeding complex in Europe and the only agricultural enterprise in the Kaliningrad region that has the status of a pedigree reproducer of the Holstein, Limousin, Charolese and Aberdeen Angus cattle breeds. More than 12,000 cows of dairy and beef breeds are raised here.


In 2011, poultry farm «Guryevskaya» as the oldest factory in the Kaliningrad region, became a part of the holding company. Thanks to a significant financing and a complete replacement of the process line it is now, in fact, the monopolist in the egg market of the Kaliningrad region.


Sausage and milk products of the «DolgovGroup» holding company are manufactured in accordance with GOST and are available in company stores at a special price.


Autonomy structure of the closed cycle is being carried out from a field to a counter. It allows to control and regulate all quality and production parameters and to achieve the maximum at all stages.


The company pays attention on the environmental friendliness of the production and the naturality of products. Animals are grown on natural fodder of the holding located in the ecologically clean areas of the region.


"DolgovGroup", holding company produces about 600,000 eggs, 120,000 tons of milk, as well as up to 5 tons of sausage products and Boiled smoked sausage products a day.



The leader of today’s regional agricultural-industrial sector was founded in 1996 and began its work with the delivery of agricultural equipment, spare parts, fertilizers and plant protection product.

Nowadays, the dynamically developing holding company «DolgovGroup» consists of 94,000 hectares of tillable lands (which represents about 50% of the region's tillable lands) and сattle breeding factories, feed mill, elevator and rapeseed factory, dairy «NEZHINSKAYA», meat factory «Rominta», dairy factory «Gusevmoloko», poultry farm «Guryevskaya» and the new broiler poultry farm in the Krasnoznamensk municipality.

The company's plans are to build a modern plant to produce bone tankage directly on one site with meat factory (which indicates to pretty much non-waste industry), and also a plant for processing eggs into melange and dry egg powder based on the poultry farm in Guryevsk.

Another unique project, a robotic dairy in the Uzlovoye village of the Krasnoznamensk municipality is under development. It is designed to house 1,900 dairy cows and 1,370 young animals and will be equipped with the latest DeLaval equipment. In 2017, a new feed mill designed for 480 tons of feed production per day was commissioned in Guryevsk. In 2018, three poultry houses (to keep 100,000 birds at the same time) of a new broiler poultry farm were commissioned in the Krasnoznamensk municipality. In general, the complex is designed to house more than 1.4 million broiler chickens. Another one started working in early 2020. The new house is twice the size of the previous ones. It is also equipped with the latest modern equipment from the leading German manufacturer Big Dutchman and is controlled by a single central multi-purpose computer that regulates the indoor climate, feeding, drinking and weighing the poultry online. Also, at the beginning of 2020, three more new poultry houses were opened at the Guryevskaya Poultry Farm for raising laying hens. The expansion of the production area is still in progress. In 2019, another enterprise in the town of Guryevsk was launched. It is a modern and innovative elevator complex for primary processing, storage and transshipment of grain and oilseeds. The total capacity of one-time storage of grain is 45,500 tons.

The new complex makes it possible to not only fully provide feed (granular and conventional) for all animals and birds raised in the agricultural holding company but also provide elevator capacities to the Kaliningrad region’s agricultural enterprises. It is possible to preserve grain from harvest to harvest and make sure it has food properties of high quality.




DolgovGroup holding company supplied production to the entire regional distribution network and are exported to other regions of Russia (including St. Petersburg and Moscow). There is also our own chain of brand stores (currently there are 98 of them) in the region and city of Kaliningrad.

All sausage and dairy products are made according to a unique recipe which makes their taste unique. Most of the goods comply with the GOST standard.

More than 60 dairy line items are produced under the Nezhinskaya brand, namely cheeses, cottage cheese, yoghurts, kefir, sour cream and milk.

There are more than one hundred product names under the Rominta brand. Those include natural semi-finished products made of beef, pork, poultry, sausages and delicacies, as well as vacuum-packed chilled meat.

About 600,000 high-quality eggs are produced under the Kurochkino brand per day. The poultry farm provides about 80% of the egg consumer market in the region.


In 2015, at the International Professional Tasting Contest «Product of the Year 2015» in Moscow the products of the meat factory «Rominta» won silver and gold medals.

In 2016, the products of the dairy factory «Nezhinskaya» proceeded to the prestigious competition's final round of Amber Mercury in the nominations «Best regional brand» and «Best enterprise in the field of import substitution».