From the 5th to the 8th of February a week of the agricultural holding company DolgovGroup took place in the Gusevsky Agricultural College. During the event, the students met with representatives of the company and visited with excursions the enterprises of the holding.

In particular, for students, who studying in the specialty of agricultural production and processing technology, a meeting was organized with the specialists of LLC Gusevmoloko, which is a part of a leading agricultural company in the region. Currently, the company produces a wide range of products. It is known to Kaliningraders by the brand of the Nezhinskaya dairy factory. These are milk, kefir, cottage cheese, sour cream, yoghurts, desserts, cheeses. All products are in demand by customers for their excellent quality, to which the company has high requirements.

Chief Technologist Irina Sergeevna Mitina and Technologist for Quality Aleksandra Yuriyevna Musiyenko told in details about the work of the enterprise, the modern technologies used for production, and the working specifics of technologists. During the meeting, the students asked a lot of questions related to employment, working terms and conditions, as well as other topics related to the work of the holding. At the end of the event there was a tasting of dairy products, which the students really liked.

The 2nd year students of the veterinary department visited LLC Molochnaya fabrika, where they got acquainted with the work of the livestock farm. The enterprise successfully takes selective breeding measures. Just a very short while ago, on January 22, the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation assigned it the status of a breeding unit for breeding cattle of the Aberdeen-Angus breed. Of course, this is the merit of the entire team of the holding.

The students listened with great interest the narration of the specialists and shared their impressions after the visit. This is what Kristina Gerasimenko, a student of the VF-21 group, said: “The impressions from the excursion are very good! They met us at the farm kindly, told everything and showed everything. The cleanliness on the farm and the attitude towards animals were especially surprised - the cows are kept without a leash, they are free to move and food and water are always available to them. The most interesting moment of the excursion was the demonstration of milking in a mechanized way using modern software. We have been convinced that only high-quality and useful products can be obtained from milk produced at this factory, and veterinarians have very direct relevance to this. From the group of students I thank the factory managers for the opportunity to get acquainted with a modern enterprise”.

It is worth noting that occupational guidance in educational institutions of the region is carried out by representatives of the holding DolgovGroup on a regular basis. It includes holding of informational meetings with managers and specialists of the company, training events, as well as excursions to enterprises. For students this is an additional opportunity to learn more about their future profession, and for the holding company - to invite young and high-potential specialists to the team.
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