In the town of Guryevsk, the opening after the reconstruction of the store “Nash Produkt” (“Our product”), which is included in the number of company stores of the agricultural holding company DolgovGroup, took place. This event has become a real city celebration. The opening ceremony was attended by Yu.A. Skalin, Executive Director of Guryevskaya Poultry Farm LLC, where the store is located, and S.S. Podolsky, the head of Guryevsky urban district.

As Yuriy Alexandrovich Skalin noted, the products of the agricultural holding company DolgovGroup are familiar to the inhabitants of the region by such brands as Rominta, Nezhinskaya, the Kurochkino eggs produced using full-cycle technology - from field to counter. “Taking care of our customers, we are constantly working on expanding our product range, improving technologies, and creating convenient and comfortable conditions in the stores of the holding company “Nash Produkt” (“Our product”). Guryevsk is an actively developing town. Recently, many new inhabitants have appeared here, including young families. And we want they always have the opportunity to buy fresh and healthy products”, said Yu.A. Skalin.

He was supported by S.S. Podolsky, who expressed gratitude to the founders of the holding company A.A. Dolgov and D.A. Dolgov for the contribution to the economy of the Guryevsky urban district. “Thanks to brothers Dolgovy thebackbone enterprise - Guryevskaya Poultry Farm could not only overcome a difficult period, but also begin a new stage in development. By joining Guryevskaya Poultry Farm in 2011 to the agricultural holding company DolgovGroup, it was possible to completely replace machinery, increase the chickens stock and make the poultry farm the main eggs producer in the region. In addition, thanks to Dolgovy, new enterprises operate in the territory of our town - a feed mill and an elevator”, said Sergey Sergeevich. Speaking about the products of the holding company, the head stressed that he appreciated its quality: “I like milk and everything connected with it. I buy Nezhinskoe milk, kefir, ryazhenka and, of course, eggs and chickens, which are sold in the stores “Nash Produkt” (“Our product”). My mother buys products here too”.  

After cutting the symbolic red ribbon, buyers were able to go to the store and buy their favorite products. At the same time, an entertainment program with a prize drawing was organized on the street for children and adults. The visitors actively answered the questions of the host on the topic of food. They were also greatly interested in the lottery of invitation cards, which they put in the cherished box. In total 250 people took part in it. As a result of the program, 17 winners were awarded food baskets with dairy and meat products from the agricultural holding company DolgovGroup.

There was also the tasting, during which guests were able to try their favorite products right in the fresh air.
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