In Kaliningrad, the celebration in honour of agricultural workers was held, dedicated to the professional holiday - Agriculture and Processing Industry Workers' Day. For a large contribution to the development of the sector, the Furmanovskoe LLC, which is the part of DolgovGroup agricultural holding company, as well as a number of company employees, were awarded with diplomas of the Ministry of Agriculture of the region and Kaliningrad regional Duma.

The Governor A.A. Alikhanov, the Minister of Agriculture N.E. Shevtsova, the Chairman of regional Duma M.E. Orgeeva came to congratulate agricultural workers. The official ceremony was attended by the founders of DolgovGroup agricultural holding company A.A. Dolgov and D.A. Dolgov.

The leaders of Kaliningrad region highly appreciated the achievements of the regional agro-industrial complex. “Your success is a matter of our pride. We took several gold medals at the Golden Autumn agricultural exhibition,” the head of the region said.

It should be added that the recipient of the gold medal at the exhibition in Moscow city was the Dairy factory of the agricultural holding company, which was awarded by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation for the high performance of the enterprise in the development of livestock and commercial breeding.

As the Minister of Agriculture of the region N.E. Shevtsova noted in her congratulation, this year in the ranking of regions Kaliningrad region takes the second place in the productivity of grain and leguminous crops and the first place in the productivity of corn and rape.

A significant contribution to this result was made, in particular, and by one of the crop producers of the agricultural holding company - Furmanovskoe LLC, whose achievements were noted by the regional authorities. Today its sown area is located in four districts: Ozersky, Chernyakhovsky, Nesterovsky and Gusevsky. Rape, corn, barley, wheat, vegetables, which are used in the production of high-quality feed, are grown here. Specialists of the enterprise achieve high production rate, so the productivity of winter rape was 31 centners per hectare (average productivity in the Russian Federation is 15.7 centners per hectare), and grain and leguminous crops - 50 centners per hectare (average productivity in the Russian Federation is 27 centners per hectare).

Congratulating the agrarians on the holiday, the Governor emphasized that in recent years the agricultural sector has become the economic powerhouse of the region and expressed its readiness “always to support those who are engaged in such a laborious, complex, risky sector. Our task is to help you so that you feel confident when implementing your projects”.
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