The Gusevmoloko dairy, which is part of the DolgovGroup Agricultural Group, is launching a large-scale project for the production of chocolate glazed curd bars. The bars will have not only a unique taste but literally a brilliant appearance.

The capacities of the new workshop will make it possible to produce 6 thousand curd cheese per hour in chocolate (120 thousand per day). Milk coming fr om Nezhenskaya dairy factory will completely close these volumes.

The company has established a unique production line for the production of glazed curd cheeses from the famous Lithuanian manufacturer UAB "PAKMA", which has been specializing in the development of these lines since 1959 and introduces new production solutions every year, which makes it possible to produce high-quality curd cheeses. UAB "PAKMA" works according to the quality standard ISO 9001.

The company not only produces lines, but also provides services for them. So, at Gusevmoloko LLC, UAB "PAKMA" applied a new solution, which was developed in the spring of 2019 specifically for this line and will allow to produce  and to cover curds with chocolate, taking into account all the features of production. So, chocolate should be brilliant and should not crumble. For this, the line is equipped with a tempering machine for the crystallization of chocolate. The process will allow to save its composition in a specific crystalline structure, to have a shine and texture for a long time.

Another advantage of the new line is two-stage cooling of curd cheeses. Chocolate will gently and slowly harden on curd cheese. According to experts, chocolate on curd cheese cannot be cooled sharply and quickly,  in that case cocoa butter crystals do not solidify properly, and moisture drops form in the cooling tunnel, which negatively affect the storage of glazed curd cheeses in the package.

The production line is equipped with a metal detector, which monitors the quality of the product and in case of detection of foreign substance in the curds, removes the curds from the line to a separate box.

The technological process in the workshop is automated from start to finish, the operator only controls it. Packing and packaging also occurs automatically.

The production of curd cheeses has HACCP certificates. This means that the company is included in a single register of certified organizations and operates openly, and the products meet all standards.

At the same time, none of the most modern technological manufacturing solutions do not guarantee the quality of the product without using high-quality natural raw materials from reliable manufacturers.

The main criterion for choosing partners is the quality standard programs with which they work. These are IFS, BRC, ISO or others. Another criterion for cooperation is the quality of the cocoa beans and the ability to combine them.

In the production of chocolate, the  specialists of the enterprise use cocoa butter and natural vanilla that meet the needs of the modern market. Berry fillings and nuts for glazed curd cheeses are purchased from the best manufacturers in Europe, which ensure a stable quality of raw materials.

The line of curd cheeses is equipped with a decorating mechanism, which allows to make curd cheeses with different toppings on chocolate (for example, with nuts, berries, etc.).

Due to the fact that curd cheeses contains a lot of cottage cheese, their consistency is tender and airy. At the same time, the curd cheeses contain calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, amino acids, as well as methionine and lysine, which lower cholesterol. Protein cottage cheese is better absorbed than the protein of meat or fish. The more fat is in a cottage cheese, the more it contains carotene, vitamins B1 and B2. Cottage cheese normalizes hematopoietic processes, the activity of the nervous system, metabolism.

There is about 20% of chocolate in the curd cheeses. Cocoa bean chocolate is one of the best antioxidants in the world.

Curd cheeses at the factory can be made in frozen form at minus 18 degrees. Their shelf life in this case is increased to a year.

Most of all curd cheeses lovers are interested in what kind of flavors await them? Vanilla, chocolate, with flavor of caramelized milk, with marmalades. Other flavors are being developed: with coconut flakes, raspberries, almonds.

Every year, the company's technologists attend international seminars on technologies and raw materials, and study current trends in the food industry. The capabilities of the enterprise allow to offer very unusual flavors, for example, with wasabi, with a high content of natural calcium and magnesium from seaweed, lactose-free, with a reduced fat content, with a reduced sugar content, without sugar, which are so popular all over the world.

At the enterprise technologists with extensive experience work, which, among other things, widely use the experience of Lithuania, wh ere curd cheeses have been produced for a long time and by many enterprises, because they are very popular among children and adults.

For example, DADU ice cream (without lactose), which was developed by Enriqueta Sudeikiene, at the professional forum in Dubai five years ago entered the top ten in the world as an innovative product and became the finalists of the Innovation of the Year nomination. Lactose-free ice cream is sold in retail chains in Germany, USA, United Arab Emirates.
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