The City Day was held in Gusev last weekend. This year it has been dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Kaliningrad Region. The DolgovGroup agricultural holding, whose enterprises are successfully operating on the territory of the Gusev Urban District, took part in the celebration. These enterprises are Gusevmoloko LLC, the Rominta Meat Factory, a feed mill and the largest industrial elevator in the region, grain hoppers, plant growing farms, a machine and tractor fleets, and shops of the Nash Product trade network. Also in the Gusev district there are fields of the agricultural holding where farmers grow grain crops.

A large number of specialists of the holding - agronomists, machine operators, combine operators, drivers, dairy and elevator production specialists - work in the district. Many employees, working at the enterprises of the holding in other municipalities, live in Gusev, considering this city the most beautiful and comfortable.

That is why the interactive platform of the agricultural holding was on the central square of the city among the main city-forming enterprises.

DolgovGroup presented their photo zone where the Nezhinskaya cow, a life-size puppet, was walking, with which both children and adults took pictures with pleasure. In particular, the heads of regional and municipal authorities did not ignore it either. Here residents of the region could get information about vacancies and working conditions in the holding.

In addition, representatives of the DolgovGroup presented the guests and the residents of Gusev with the Nezhinskaya brand glazed curds, a new product from Gusevmoloko LLC which has recently been on the market, but has already been loved by customers for its high quality and refined taste.

To celebrate the Day volleyball and football competitions, water and equestrian performances, the work of interactive and art venues, concerts of on-stage performance groups, horse and bike rides, attractions, contests, gifts, a laser show on the water, fireworks were organised. Many positive emotions - those were the weekend days in Gusev, including for employees of the holding.
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